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     We offer many modalities and combine them in sessions handcrafted just for you:

     - Swedish Massage

            - Deep Tissue Massage

     - Couples Massage

        - Hot Stone Massage

- Foot Massage

Our therapists listen to your needs and employ the proper

techniques to deliver a truly therapeutic experience.



Our Services

Body Massage

(Swedish or Deep Tissue)

30 mins            $50

60 mins            $75

90 mins           $110

120 mins         $145

Foot Massage


30 mins            $50

60 mins            $75

Four Hands​Massage

30 mins       $100

60 mins       $150

90 mins        $220

120 mins     $290

Add-on Packages

Essential Oil & Hot Stones               $15

Medicated Oil & Hot Stones             $15


  Swedish Massage​        

   Relaxing massage using soft, long gliding strokes to relieve muscle tension.                               

  Deep tissue Massage

    Application of targeted deep pressure between muscle fibers , to relieve tension and pain.

   Reflexology (Foot Massage) 

      Our relaxing and therapeutic foot massages employ reflexology, a massage technique based on  the theory that there are reflex points  on the feet, hands and head linked to  every part  of the body.

Ready to make an appointment?

We have hundreds of weekly massage appointments available.

 Contact us to schedule a massage session.

Walk-ins welcomed(advanced phone call preferred)

Same-Day Appointment Available!

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